This area of our site has grown into an area almost big enough to be a site of it's own -- because of that, I've reorganized it all into smaller pages and given the entire area its own site map. Hopefully things will load faster now! Here's what you'll find on this part of the site:

Results -- 2009 & 2010 Eighth competition season, 2010 -- first full season with Nugent School of Irish Dance
Missy's Feis Tally Sort of a compendium of Missy's placement numbers cumulative from her first Feis through the latest, not sure what the hell for, other than to try to figure out the trends or something. I can't think of a way to make it reveal anything interesting, since scores and all are so subjective, but hey, it looks nifty!  Last Update 7/2010!
Random Info & Things I've Figured Out A spin-off of the "Trivia" posted on the Tally page. 
Missy's Who's Who Page A page just about Missy in general.  This is the "normal kid" stuff, not the dance stuff!  Updated annually when I remember
Missy's Blog Missy's very own blog, where she talks about whatever catches her fancy -- including her dancing!
Missy's Dance Photos Just what it says. A photo gallery of dance related pictures. Updated frequently!
Our Irish Dance Links Links to sites we've found helpful over the course of time.  Updated 07/21/07!
Solo Dress For Sale Whichever solo dress she's outgrown is now up for sale.  Have a look!   Updated -- THREE dresses for sale -- super prices!!
For Sale Irish Dance related items for sale. 
Solo Dresses An entire page of links that grew out of my search for Missy's first solo dress.  I have made all subsequent dresses -- currently completed dress #9. 
e-Feis Online registration/payment for many Feisianna.  Not all, unfortunately, but the ones that *are* here are now super easy to register for!
FeisWorx A Feis service company offering online registration/payment for some Feisianna.  Not too many on our side of the US, but we'll take online over postal mail any day of the week!
Tips for Performances & Feisianna Some handy guidelines and tips for parents and dancers. 

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