they say marriage is a partnership. apparently the helms-martin foundation was formed to provide living facilities, services, education, financial support and a state-of-the-art home network for their children until they elect to form new partnerships.

the man of the house is derwood. also known as daddy, slig or 'hey you,' the resident haxx0r, and the guy who built and maintains the family's network.  he is further responsible for providing all funding, protective services, grounds maintenance, acquisition and maintenance of electronic and digital equipment.  he writes the scripts, fights the spammers, keeps us connected and takes care of the technical end of things.  when time permits, he moonlights for lexis nexis in the guise of a senior systems engineer.

the alpha female is kate, also known as kathleen, kathy, mommy and the only one who can operate the sewing machines.  kate is the family's html writer.  she takes care of sustenance and domestic support, handles the scheduling, maintains the family's social calendars, provides public relations services, education and transportation, in addition to maintaining the family's website.  she handles the creative side of things both online and off.  in her spare time she is senior ce sgm for simutronics corp.'s dragonrealms.  

see?  partnership.  teamwork.  balance.  yin yang.  two halves and all that. 

you can find more pictures of them in the various albums in our gallery