As your child starts really getting into Irish dancing (about the time you abruptly realize that it's started taking over your life and you're spending more time at the Dance Academy than anywhere else -- and about the time you start contemplating direct deposit of your paychecks to the dance academy!), you'll find yourself building a sizeable library of links to sites with information or products (or both) that come in handy.  Here's some of the links I've found helpful, along with my commentary.  Beyond that, I make no guarantees or endorsements about any of the links contained herein. Enjoy!  And please let me know if you find a broken link -- I'll do my best to keep this current because there's nothing more irritating than clicking a dead link when you're trying to find something important.

8/28/05 - I have added an entire page of links relating purely to Solo Dresses.  This list has grown out of my own search for Missy's first solo dress.  (She has a pattern from Listowel which is for her first costume that she will have designed entirely to her specifications.  Missy prefers the traditional knotwork, but for her first solo dress, the director of her Academy wants her in something more in line with the current trend toward geometrics and more modern styling, so the pattern is being held until she has reached championship level.)

General Links
Camp Rince Ceol Weekly Irish dance camp for ages 9-17.
NAFC Rules of Competition The official rules and regulations.
e-Feis Online registration/payment for many Feisianna.  Not all, unfortunately, but the ones that *are* here are now super easy to register for!
FeisWorx A Feis service company offering online registration/payment for some Feisianna.  Not too many on our side of the US, but we'll take online over postal mail any day of the week! 
   Irish Dance information for students, teachers, dancers and spectators. An ID's personal site.  Very talented artist.  Great blog. 
ClickyFeet Another personal site, with some very interesting information -- with a UK slant. 
Ireland's Dance Dedicated to Irish dance -- including history and tradition information.. 
An Ceaseadh ar mo Crois Translated:  Do your feet hurt too?  -- An ID's personal site that we enjoy visiting.
Local Vendors
Dance Shoppe 8925 Kingsbridge Drive   behind Dayton Mall   434-8686 
Dance 'N Things 8 North Main Street  Englewood  836-2032 -- used to stock ghillies and hard shoes, has stopped now.
Expressions Dancewear 123 South Market Street  Troy  335-5131  -- never actually been there.
Marxx Activewear 679 Lyons Road   Centerville  438-1111 -- rarely able to find them open, even sometimes during posted hours..
Ed's Threads Fairmont Plaza - Marshall & Stroop - Nugent School -  Kettering  294-7479 -- 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday, 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Saturday
Online Vendors
Pennie Drew Dresses Custom solo dresses and "snazzy bags" solo dress bags.  Missy carries a snazzy bag!
Stitch 'n Time One of our favorite Feis vendors!  Their clothing wears exceptionally well and they're wonderfully friendly people to boot!
4 Irish Dancers A dance shop owned by an ID mom.  She's got wigs, tiaras, and various other things -- very reasonable prices and she maintains a free posting page for people with used Solo Dresses for sale.
Corr's Irish Shoes Ghillies and hard shoes, poodle socks, very limited selection of accessories - these people take their shoes seriously
Boyne Walk Ghillies and hard shoes, poodle socks and extremely limited selection of accessories.
Antonio Pacelli Ghillies and hard shoes, poodle socks, limited selection of other items, including dress bags.
Rutherford Ghillies and hard shoes, poodle socks, moderate selection of other items, including accessories
Fay's Ghillies and hard shoes, poodle socks, moderate selection of other items.  They also make the original "all black" ghillie. Just what the name says -- hard shoes.  Also appears to have a good selection of other ID merchandise planned.  Still under construction, but it's looking promising!
Callahan's Celtic Imports Also sells shoes, and many other items.  Great selection but kind of pricey.
Celtic Merchant Exactly what the name says.  They sell a little bit of everything.  Kind of pricey on some things, other things quite reasonable.
Ballinvilla Products Another "all around" store, selling a little bit of everything, including shoes, and run by two of the most friendly, helpful and genuinely nice people I've dealt with in the Irish dance world.  I highly recommend them -- look for them at Feisianna too!
The Ceili Company Most anything you might want for your Irish dancer.
Irish Treasures Still another you-name-it, they-probably-have-it store.
Celtic Threads Yet another with a little bit of everything, including dresses both new and used.
Kilkenny Creations Dresses - Used and New, Spirit Dance Wear, Fay's Shoes.
Listowel Celtic Art Celtic art -- in many forms, including pictures, needlepoint, bells, custom-made Solo dress design, etc.  The designer of Missy's first solo dress, who took pieces of knotwork and designs that Missy loved and made it reality.  Wait till you see it -- the pattern itself is breathtaking!
Irish Dancing Bags Irish dance dress and shoe/accessory bags.  Appear to be good quality, good selection of colors.  Rather pricey.
Kelso Custom Covers Irish dance dress bags.  Excellent quality, good selection of styles and colors.  Moderately priced.
DanceAgain Sell your used Solo dresses -- or buy one for your dancer here.
Elevation Design "The" Solo dress designer of choice for the 2006 Oireachtas.  Incredible designs, beautiful dresses.
Lowland Design Solo dresses -- new used, ready-made and custom made, both adult and children.
Dancing in Celtic Solo dresses -- new, used, custom made. 
An Rinca Mugain Solo dresses -- new, used, custom made.
Threads of Green No longer dealing in solo dresses, they now specialize in fabrics and the like.
Siopa Rince Solo dresses - custom made.
Celtic Curls Brand new vendor -- They sell wigs, hairpieces, tiaras, jewelry, etc. More items planned. Very reasonable prices. -- Newly Listed 4/12/05!
Soft Spikes Before she's old enough for the wig -- the spikes!
Youngblood Haircutters Irish dancing wigs.  Bigger selection than Broga Rince.  They sell only wigs.
Broga Rince Dealer for Pacelli and Halmor shoes, also WIGS.  Best of all, they take PayPal!
International Irish Dancing Magazine Every Irish Dancer's favorite magazine!  Missy devours her edition each month!
Hornpipe Magazine A newer publication -- Missy greatly enjoys it as well. 
Irish Records International A great place to find music - this is their Irish Step and Ceili Dancing page.  Missy particularly enjoys Jim Butke's music.
Message Boards Irish Dancing, MidWest Region, message boards - public forum.
Feis Fever Boards A new set of boards for Irish Dancers and their parents - public forum, but must register.
Let's Dance the Irish Way A newly remodeled resource for Irish dancers and people who love Irish dancing.  Be sure to add your school to the growing database of dance academies!
RinceWeb Formerly The Irish Dance Place - new & improved & full of resources!



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