First, the Fun Stuff™ ...

Don't like the random Gravatar (globally recognized avatar) automatically assigned to you? No worries! Pick your own! To choose one for yourself, follow these simple steps:

1. go to
2. sign up for an account — you will have to give them your email address, but it’s free and they have a NO SPAM policy
3. upload your own avatar following their easy instructions
4. wait 5-10 minutes and your gravatar will be assigned in place of the generated one
5. this will affect all previous entries by you -- using that email address -- as well, all of them will change to your new gravatar!

Your gravatar will appear on this site and any other gravatar-supported site on which you use this email address. It is not tied to your IP, it is based on your email address.  Enjoy!


And now, the Important Stuff™ ...

By leaving any post (comment) on any page of any forum on the domain, you signify your understanding of, and agreement to all of the following terms and conditions, hereinafter known as:

" The Rules™ "

Item One
: unauthorized links, ads, solicitations, get-rich-quick schemes, sexually oriented material of any sort, and/or SPAM of any variety (including flooding, chain letters and SPAM-variety trackback pings) will be considered to be an advertisement. All advertisements on naebunny-dot-net are subject to a fixed rate of $750.00 (US) per ad placement. It's up to you, Sparky: would you like to find out if this stands up in a court of law?

Note: All SPAMMERS are reported and blacklisted. We sincerely hope we cut into your business. And if anyone ever runs on a "death penalty for SPAMMERS" platform, please know that we will heartily endorse that candidate.

Item Two: if you see a picture or file on our site that you'd like to use on your site, do feel free to borrow it. DO NOT feel free to simply link to the picture you like; right click on it and save it to YOUR server before using it.  If I determine that you've leeched a file from our site, I will change the file name and replace the one you're linking to with something I'm sure you won't like.  If I determine you've leeched a picture from our site, I will change the picture you linked to -- and you probably won't like what I change it to. Be considerate: use YOUR bandwidth, not ours. (And, it would be nice if you'd politely reference your source, though this isn't mandatory.  It's your karma, do with it as you wish.)

Item Three: one of the blogs on this domain belongs to a minor child. Under no circumstances will any poster leave any message on Missy's Blog which contains:

a. threats, harassment or violent language
b. pornography of any nature
c. adult material of any nature
d. material mentioning anything illegal or related to any of the foregoing

Item Four: be civil. You are welcome to engage in conversation inclusive of profanities, we're all grown ups and we can take it. (Hell most of us dish it as well.) If you're not an adult and you post here, be forewarned that you will be subject to the same rules -- and treatment -- as the adults. Posters are also welcome to disagree. However, none of us go onto your blogs and tell you what a dumbass you are or leave pointless, off topic or otherwise unnecessary comments on your blog and we'll thank you to not do it on ours. Repeated abuses (including repeated attacks on "regular" posters as well as the operators of themselves, continued off-topic posting, etc.) will result in temporary or permanent banning on naebunny-dot-net -- if you REALLY piss us off, we'll ban your IP address(es). I guarantee that you'll eventually get tired of the game and we won't even have worked up a sweat, so don't bother. Don't want to hear what other people think of your comments?  Don't post.  See how simple that is?

Item Five: any post left on any blog on this domain becomes the property of naebunny-dot-net et al. As such, this property may be censored, removed, or altered at any time for any (or no) reason without any notice. Decisions are ours, and they're final. There is no appeal, we don't care if we hurt your feelings, and no, the first amendment doesn't apply. Don't like that?  Don't comment. 

Item Six: these rules are not negotiable. Any poster violating any of the foregoing terms may have his IP address blocked from posting on one or more blogs on this domain at any time. In some cases, the poster's IP may be banned from the domain entirely. As mentioned in item 4, you'll get tired of the game long before we do, guaranteed. 

Item Seven: if you make it necessary for us to ever visit a court of law to deal with you, your post on our site will be used as evidence that you consented by virtue of publishing said post to pay all of our resultant legal expenses, court costs and attorney fees.  If you don't agree to pay all of our legal expenses, court costs and attorney fees, DO NOT POST.  This is your only warning. 

If, like most people, you do not have any intentions of doing anything even remotely close to any of the foregoing please accept our sincerest apologies. This post definitely wasn't directed at you.

The rest of you know who you are. And no, we don't particularly care if you're insulted. 

One final note: to answer a surprisingly often-asked question, yes, you may absolutely feel free to take these rules and modify them to your own needs and post them on your own site.  We hope you find them helpful and Derwood will gladly share with you any and all of his anti-spamming techniques to help you take back control of your own domain. 

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