For those geeks interested, here's the scoop on our server.  Derwood builds all of our systems and maintains the nine systems on our home network.  The servers are here at our home in the basement.  The servers run all of our web and e-mail services.  In addition, they are also our firewall and gateway to the internet.  All server hardware is stored in a Compaq 42U rack in our basement. If you're such a geek you want to see it all, feel free to have a look.

the naebunny-dot-net datacenter

Data line:  

RoadRunner Teleworker Line. 10 megabit donwload/1.5 megabit upload. 1 Static IP
Cable Modem:


Network Switch 2x ASUS Gigabit 8 Port

Physical Server 1  --

Function Firewall and gateway for Naebunny network
Hardware Pentium D 3 GHz
  1 gig DDR2 800
  Dual 100mbit Ethernet
  10 GB EIDE
Software pfSense 2.0.1
  PF, DHCP, NAT, Traffic Shaping
Physical Server 2 --
Function External DNS (Authoritative) for naebunny-dot-net, SQL, Mail, HTTP
Hardware AMD Phenom II X6 1050T
  12 Gig DDR3 1600 SDRAM
  1 750 gig SATA - 2 120 gig SATA Striped
  1 Gig Ethernet
Software CENTOS 6.3
  VirtualBox 4.2
Virtual Server 1 --
Function Web, Mail, SQL, and External DNS
Virtual Configuration 3 CPUs, 3 gig memory, 80 gig of disk
Software FreeBSD 9.1

BIND9, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.3, Mysql 5.5, Postfix 2.6, ClamAV, Spamassassin

Virtual Server 2 --
Function Internal DNS, DNS Blacklist tools
Virtual Configuration 1 CPU, 1 gig memory, 30 gig of disk
Software FreeBSD 9.1

BIND9, Custom Written DNS Blacklist scripts

Virtual Server 3 --
Function Internal DNS
Virtual Configuration 1 CPU, 1 gig memory, 30 gig of disk
Software FreeBSD 9.1



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